12 Reasons – Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading
Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading

It’s no secret that sewing machines can be challenging to keep running smoothly, but this one has gone far off track. Suppose you find that the needles on your sewing machine keep unthreading themselves from time to time. You might want to investigate Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading? and whether your sewing machine needs to be serviced.

It can happen at any time; whether you are stitching a quilt or sewing together clothes for yourself or your children, your needle will unthread regularly, often unexpectedly. In this article, I am writing about why your sewing machine may develop this problem.

In my experience, there are usually 10 main reasons your sewing machine needles keep unthreading. Why? How? What does it mean? How can I fix it? Let’s learn what to do when you realize why your sewing machine needle is unthreading.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading

If you’re sewing like a pro, chances are your needle keeps unthreading from time to time. It can be frustrating and sometimes even dangerous, especially if you’re sewing a big, bulky project that can become entangled if the thread breaks. But before you freak out about that needle, let’s consider the 2 facts. First, you can spend time fixing the problem yourself, and secondly, take your machine to a repair shop. 

Following are the reasons for this problem:

01. Improper Spool Placing

The wrong size or a spool installed incorrectly can make it impossible for the thread to stay in place. You must ensure that the spool is the correct size, placed correctly, and spins smoothly. The broken bobbin also needs a replacement.

02. Improper Tension Settings Or Tension Levels

Keeping the tension on the thread is part of the machine’s mechanism that causes the feeder to continue to feed it into the fabric. Too much or too little tension is bad, so you’ll want to adjust the tension level to get the perfect tug on the string. Proper tension gives you smooth seems as shown in the picture below.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading1

Advanced sewing machines have computer-assisted tension control, which measures the thread to pick the right tension level, but most need to be manually adjusted. Wrong tension setting also causes Thread Breaking as well as Needle Breaking.

03. Damaged Or Dull Needle

As you sew more and more, your needle becomes dull, and sometimes it bends a little from its tip, making it difficult to sew properly.

A Damaged Needle causes the thread to run through the needle. The best hours to use a machine are 8 hours long. Any more than that, the needle will get worn down enough to need replacing, and then you’ll start a new needle immediately.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading15

To ensure your needle lasts the entire lifetime of the garment, you need to change the needle according to the sewing needles manual. Another way is to check whether a mark on a sewing machine indicates how long it can be used. Its color is sold at the start, but as we use it, it starts fading. A disappeared mark indicates the changing of the needle.

04. Bad Quality Needle

Using a low-quality needle won’t be easy and may not be suitable for your fabric. A needle must have a blunt end, not sharp or flat.

To prevent the eyes of the needle from getting caught, it should be at least as large as the thread to be sewn.

05. Started Sewing When Needle Is Not On Its Highest Position

Always start sewing when the needle is in its highest position. If you do not do so, it causes the thread to run out of needle quickly. 

If it’s not in its highest position, it will not go through the fabric as you start sewing. Which sometimes makes it difficult for the machine to move, and the thread may break or slip from the needle. So make sure to start sewing when the needle is in its highest position.

Most Computerized Sewing Machine stops with the needle in your fabric automatically. Which provides you ease to raise your presser foot and turn the fabric as needed.

Some machines have buttons to bring the needle to its highest position. Otherwise, you can use the handwheel to turn with your hands until the needle reaches its highest position.

06. Sewing Machine Is Not Threaded Correctly

Sometimes incorrect threading also causes needle unthreading if you feel a threading issue, unread your machine and start from the beginning.

Each machine will be slightly different, but you’ll want to ensure the thread goes according to the manual. Use a thread take-up lever in its highest position, attach your spool of thread, and then pull your thread through your tension discs and thread guides as directed in the instructions of your user manual.

Thread your needle, leaving a tail of four to five inches, then drop it off your end to the left.

07. Not Enough Thread Tail To Start Sewing

After threading the needle, always leave at least four to five inches of thread hanging out of the end of your sewing machine. This is called the thread tail. If you do not leave long thread tails, your thread can get pulled out of the eye of your needle when you begin to sew.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading12

Knitted fabric tends to fray along the edges. If you want to avoid this problem, hold your thread tails as you begin sewing. Once you have seen a few stitches, you can release the thread. Just be sure not to pull on your threads because they could create uneven stitching.

You need to keep your fingers away from your needle when using your sewing machine. Finger guards can be used to avoid any harm.

08. Using A Wrong Thread

Fabric and threads come in different weights, materials, and thicknesses.

Always ensure your machine is properly set up for the type of material you plan on sewing and that it doesn’t break or jam. Otherwise, you can use thread according to the fabric or machine setting.

09. Damaged Thread

There are different types of threads, and some are better than others. Store your threads neatly if you will not use them for a while, and you can avoid issues like snagging.

As discussed above, some new threads may have quality problems that can affect their performance. You might not be able to identify the defects by sight, but it’s worth trying to feel for bumps and divots. You might find that this is a lot easier than you think.

If you notice a problem after the inspection, try sewing a few stitches using a different thread to see if the problem persists.

10. Broken Thread

Why do your sewing machine needles keep unthreading when you start sewing? Maybe the thread has become damaged or broken.

Sometimes you leave the project unfinished, and then when you start again without removing old threads fast. It causes threads to break.

There are many reasons why you may have bent or kinked your top thread during carrying it across your material while stitching without realizing it was happening at all.

Try re-threading your needle with a fresh thread. It will be easier for you to do that, and your finished projects will turn out better.

11. Improper Bobbin Winding

If your thread keeps unthreading when you begin to sew, this is most likely due to using a spool of thread that is not correctly wound around the Bobbin.

If you want your spools to feed smoothly, make sure that when you put in a spool of thread, it’s wound correctly so that it feeds smoothly all around the bobbin. It also causes Bobbin Jamming, if bobbin is not winding properly.

12. Fabric Is Not Moving Smoothly

Some people have a habit of pulling the fabric while sewing, which can lead to thread breakage, needle breakage, and unthreading the needle. There is no need to pull the fabric as the teeth of the feed dog are specially designed to move the fabric smoothly so that stitching takes place.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading13

But if the teeth of the feed dog got damaged or not working correctly, the fabric can not move while sewing. So change the feed dog plate if needed.

Lubrication Is A Compulsory Thing

Sewing Machine, whatever brand, whatever type- obviously needs proper lubrication. If you do not lubricate your machine after a required period, you will face many issues related to the sewing machine. 

The sewing machine has an internal oil lubrication system to ensure smooth movement. Once the machine is used, the oil must be replenished to keep the machine lubricated and operating smoothly.

So always Lubricate your machine whenever you finish a project or start a new project. 

Conclusion – Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading

How to repair a sewing machine needle If you’re wondering why your sewing machine needle keeps unthreading, there are many reasons, depending on what type of machine you have. In the case of a Manual Sewing Machine or Household Sewing Machine, you may need to adjust the tension on the thread before starting to sew. Or, you might need to change the needle for a different type of material. If your machine is electric, it might be because a foreign object is caught in the mechanism. Also, check to see if the spool has run out of thread or if the thread is dirty.

FAQs – Why Does My Sewing Machine Needle Keep Unthreading

Why does my sewing machine needle keep coming unthreaded?

Improper thread tension, wrong bobbin winding, damaged needle, improper threading mechanism, etc., are some causes of needle keep coming unthreaded.

What does correct tension look like?

When you sew, the seam would have to look flat and smooth on both sides of the fabric. You can check it by rubbing your finger on the seem.

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