Ultimate Guide: Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread?

Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread
Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread

Your sewing machine will eventually break thread and need to be replaced. You might have thought you would never have to replace this machine part. It is possible to repair it yourself or find someone to do it for you.

This post will be a bit wordy, but I wanted to put together a comprehensive guide to sewing machine Troubleshooting because I’m a sucker for information overload. So, sit back and prepare to spend some time reading about how to fix your sewing machine to stop breaking thread and learn some valuable tips.

Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread? First, let’s discuss what’s causing your machine to break the thread. You can find reasons along with solutions in this article.

Reasons & Solutions: Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread?

It’s a common problem that people have had their sewing machines break threads. Why does this happen? Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread? It could be due to several causes, including: 

01. Incompatible Needle

Needles are available in different sizes and kinds to sew different kind of fabrics. An incompatible needle causes thread breaking. The needle should be compatible with the type of material you are sewing. You can buy specialized needle sizes like universal needles, leather needles, denim needles, and topstitching needles.

02. Damaged, bent, or Dull Needle

A damaged, bent, or dull needle is a major cause of thread breaking. It causes many other problems like breaking of needle or machine to stop working. So, needles must be checked to ensure they are not damaged, bent, or dull. If so, then change the needle.

03. Needle Is Not Properly Installed

For precise working, a precise working tool is required. So, you have to install the needle correctly according to the instructions given along the needle or sewing machine. If the needle is not properly installed, it causes many problems like thread breaking, slips out during sewing, etc.

You should always ensure that you insert your needle correctly so that it doesn’t cause thread breaking. The top shank of the needle should have a rounded tip with one flat side. This should face toward the back of your sewing machine.

04. Cheap Quality Needle

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Purchase a good-quality needle to avoid the problem of thread breaking. That is one possible reason: a poor quality needle can shred threads and eventually break them. It can also easily breaks itself.

05. Cheap Quality Thread

A thread break that occurs frequently is usually due to poor thread quality. If you continue using it, the thread will keep on breaking. To avoid this problem, you can replace the thread.

Cheap quality threads can easily be tangled, knot, or snag and cause the thread to break. So, it’s recommended to check the thread quality.

06. Machine Is Not Correctly Threaded 

The machine is not correctly threaded means that the machine’s threads are not properly aligned. Check the manual of machine to correctly thread the machine.

Incorrect thread causes the machine to be out of tolerance. If the machine is out of tolerance, the threads will break when the machine is put under pressure. 

You can avoid this problem by threading the machine correctly.

07. Thread Tension Is Too Tight can cause thread breaking

When thread tension is too tight, it can break your threads and stop the fabric from moving. Tighten your tension counterclockwise to loosen it. It might take time to get the tension right, to get rid of the problem.

08. Spool Cap Is Not Placed

If the spool cap is not placed on the spool, it causes the thread to break again and again. So always make sure to put a spool cap on first! This helps stop the top of your spool from flying off and not breaking thread while you’re sewing.

09. Incompatible Bobbin

If you are using the wrong bobbin, it will cause a breaking thread. Bobbin comes in different sizes, so use a compatible bobbin which fits the machine and insert it properly. A perfect bobbin is like a helping friend for your sewing machine.

10. Wrong Bobbin Winding

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Right bobbin winding gives your machine a smooth thread tension to sew. But, uneven tread windings cause thread breaks. Check that your thread has been evenly wounded and is not twisted. 

11. Bobbin Case Is Full Of Lint

If a thread is breaking, you can also check the bobbin case. It becomes full occasionally after some time of usage. If there is too much lint in the bobbin case, you must clean it.

If you have too much lint in your bobbin case, you’ll have to spend extra time cleaning it out every few stitches. Cleaning your bobbin case regularly will prevent your machine from jamming and keep your thread away from breaking.

A sewing machine should be cleaned regularly to make sure it works properly.

12. Pulling The Fabric / Sewing Too Fast

The habit of pulling the fabric during sewing may cause thread breaking too. So, avoid pulling the fabric as machines are designed to pull fabric by themselves to continue stitching. Also, avoid sewing too fast.

13. Broken Take-Up Lever

The take-up lever is also called the “take-up” lever or “lever”. It is the part that takes thread from the spool to feed it through the machine.

When the spring of the take-up lever breaks or is bent, your thread will also break. You will notice that your thread will break whenever you start sewing. To avoid breaking of thread, immediately remove the broken take-up lever and change with a new one. Take up lever is available in online stores as well as on sewing machine shops.

14. Blocked Throat Plate

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The metal cover of the bobbin is called the throat plate. Suppose that plate is not cleaned or has nasty nicks. It will affect the whole sewing process as well as thread breaking. Gently clean the thread plate and remove any bits of fluffs.

15. Machine Is Not Oiled For A Long Time

Oiling a machine is very compulsory. If your machine is not oiled after sewing a few fabrics, the friction in the parts of the sewing machine comes to a high point and machine does not works smoothly. It causes thread breaking. So, a properly lubricated machine works very well in all situations to avoid hazards.

16. Sewing Machines Need Maintenance

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Your sewing machine is a mechanical device that uses electrical and mechanical components. If you don’t take care of it, your machine could fail in some way that could damage the thread or cause it to break.

Conclusion | Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread

We want to help you solve this issue, so we’ve made a guide to fixing the sewing machine and getting it back in shape. Please use it as your guide when troubleshooting.

In conclusion, to fix your sewing machine, you first must determine why your thread keeps breaking. It is better to try these troubleshooting tips that would help you resolve the issue. In the first place, make sure your sewing machine is working properly. First, check your thread tension by pulling the threads taut. Ensure the needle and presser foot are firmly connected to the machine. Try to look for the above reasons given in the article along with its solutions.

If you still cannot resolve the problem, Take it to a local repair shop to avoid future thread breakage.

FAQs | Why Does Sewing Machine Keep Breaking Thread

Why does the sewing machine keep breaking thread?

The most common reason is that the needle is dull. It can also be because of a bad bobbin (the part that holds the thread). Make sure that you have a good quality thread.

What can I do to prevent the thread from breaking?

To prevent the thread from breaking, ensure the bobbin is not full. Also, ensure that the needle is sharp and the thread is not too thick.

Can I buy a sewing machine without a warranty?

Yes, you can buy a sewing machine without a warranty. However, it is recommended that you get a warranty for your machine.

How do I know if my sewing machine needs to be fixed?

If the thread keeps breaking, it needs to be repaired.

What is the best type of thread to use on my machine?

The best thread to use on your machine is the universal thread. Otherwise you can choose according to the fabric type (you are using for sewing).

What is the best way to keep a sewing machine from getting out of order?

You need to make sure that you oil the parts regularly.

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