An Ultimate Guide – Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming

Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming
Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming

Do you have a sewing machine with problems? Is the bobbin jamming every so often? You’ll probably need to fix the bobbin winding mechanism to get your machine working again.

Bobbins are so tiny that we barely notice them. But sometimes, bobbin jams happen, especially when you try to sew in a hurry to wind up your work. Bobbin jams are caused by the bobbin getting caught or stuck in the sewing machine’s throat. 

You can try a few things to fix this problem, but they’re all labour-intensive, tedious and prone to error. A better approach is to take the time to research why this is happening and then implement a simple, low-cost fix that will eliminate the problem forever!

In this article you will find an ultimate guide about the question “Why Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming?” I hope you will get your answers.

Reasons: Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming

Most people remember how it felt to sew with a machine bobbin that keep jamming repeatedly. So, We tried to collect all the information about all the possible reasons of this problem.

01. Machine Is Stucked At Bobbin Mode

Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming 2

Bobbin winding can be done manually or automatic by machine. Automatically winding by machine is preferable, but if you do it yourself, there is a chance of losing Tension. You cannot take the spindle out of the spindling machine when the bobbin is still in the machine

02. Wrong Installed Bobbin

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Wrong fitting or installation of the bobbin is one common cause of sewing machine bobbin jamming. If the bobbin is not properly seated in the machine, it can cause several problems, including Skipped Stitches and tension issues.

03. Clogged Needle

Sewing machine needles can become clogged with lint and dust over time. This causes them to skip stitches and jam the machine. 

04. Needle Is Not Properly Installed

If your needle is not properly installed, it is higher than the marking point or lower than the marking point. In both cases, the needle refuses to budge even an inch. This causes jamming of bobbin too. So check the position of the needle first.

It’s best not to forget to clean your sewing needles. This will help reduce the chance of Thread Breakages and tangled in the bobbin. This causes bobbin jamming in the future.

05. Broken or Bent Needle

It’s possible your sewing machine stopped working because of a broken or bent Needle. If this happens, it might be time to replace that needle.

06. Bobbin Case Is Clogged

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Bobbin gets clogged because of thread pieces, lint stuck inside it, or due to dust or debris. So, try to check your bobbin case to avoid the issue. Also check its surrounded area to get rid of any dust or lint etc.

07. Incorrect Threading

The most common reason your sewing machine will get jammed is that you’ve threaded the machine incorrectly. If you suspect that the thread has become incorrectly threaded in your sewing machine, there are threading steps you can perform to fix the problem. Incorrect Threading can cause several problems, including tension issues and Skipped stitches.

08. Improper Thread Tension

First, adjust the Tension according to the fabric you are sewing. If the tension of the thread is set too low. It causes the jamming and bunching up. But if the Tension of the thread is set too high, it causes Thread Breaking.

09. Improper Threading

Sometimes jamming of bobbin happend just because of improper Threading. Because improper Threading leads to tangling, tangling causes jamming of the bobbin. You can follow the instructions that come in the manual of the sewing machine for proper Threading.

10. Improper Presseer Foot Installed

As the presser feet hold and move fabric while sewing. Suppose the presser foot is not installed properly or stops moving fabric. Fabric may start collecting at one place while the needle is doing its work of sewing. And the thread keeps collecting into the bobbin and results in the jamming of bobbing.

11. Being Stuck In Reverse Stitching

Sometimes you must sew backwards stitches, and the machine gets stuck during backward stitching. If so, the thread keeps collecting at a spot and again causes bobbin jamming.

12. Feed Dog Needed To Be Changed

Feed dogs are responsible for fabric movement also, while sewing. Sometimes the teeth of feed dogs stop working and start gathering fabric below the presser foot. Causes threads to collect around the bobbin case and jam the bobbin.

13. Tension In The Upper Thread

Improper Tension in the upper thread also causes bobbin jamming, thread breaking, skipping stitches and even jamming of needles.

14. Maximum Speed

If you are sewing any fabric at maximum speed, it is not best practice if you are not using an industrial machine. Other machines, like Industrial Sewing Machines, are good at maximum speed but not perfect. The sewing at maximum speed causes thread breaking, needle breaking, thread collection around the bobbin case and bobbin jamming.

15. Sewing Thick Layers Of Fabric

If you are not using Heavy Duty Sewing Machines, then the possibility of jamming bobbin occurs. Because thick layers of fabric are not moving with the feed dog properly. Which results in bobbin jamming in the end.

How To Wind A Bobbin Properly

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There are two ways of winding a bobbin:

The first is Manually, and the second one which is a Built-in bobbin winding feature (comes with the sewing machines)

If you are winding a bobbin manually, it is best not to pull the thread too much or to loosen it while winding.

But if you are using the built-in function, I recommend it as it is a good practice. Also, it is a very easy way.

  • Wrap 2 to 3 rounds of thread around the empty bobbin
  • now insert it onto the spindle
  • hold the other side of the thread 
  • Turn the handwheel to start winding, and now press the presser foot to continue winding the thread.

Note: Do not hold the thread so tightly that it causes breaking during winding.

How To Fit The Bobbin In Bobbin Case

After winding the thread around the bobbin, it’s time to put it into the bobbin case. Some machines come without a bobbin case. They have only the option of directly putting the bobbin into the inset bobbin case under the needle. The next step is here if your machine comes with the Removeable bobbin case.                                               

Insertion Of Bobbin Into Removeable Bobbin Case

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  • Put the bobbin into the Removeable Bobin case. 
  • Pull the thread through the lever of the bobbin case

It’s ready to adjust in the bobbin insertion area of the sewing machine under the presser foot.

Insertion Of Bobbin Into Inset Bobbin Case

Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming 6

Once the bobbin is winded, please insert it into the Inset bobbin case.

  • Now pull the thread through the tension disks
  • The next step is to pull the thread from the take-up lever.
  • try to run the sewing machine with your hand so that needle goes down and pulls the thread
  • Finally, when both threads, thread from the needle and thread from the bobbin, combines to start the sewing process.

Cleaning Of Bobbin Area To Avoid Bobbin Jamming

A bobbin jam occurs when a bobbin gets stuck on the spindle. It’s not hard to avoid such jams if you follow some basic guidelines.

If you don’t get the bobbin area cleaned and free of excess thread, you’ll end up with some serious jams, and that’s no joke. The first thing you’ll notice when you open a new bobbin is a mess on the bobbin area. Even if you have a large bobbin area, you’ll need to keep it clean. 

Removing the bobbin from the spool is always recommended if there is any evidence of dust or debris on the bobbin. Regularly clean out all dust and fibres to avoid jamming.

Lubricating Sewing Machine Regularly

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the sewing machine is a delicate piece of machinery and should be treated as such. This tip is specifically geared towards sewing machines, not just sewing machines. It’s an important tip to remember when using any sewing machine. Sewing machines require some maintenance and lubrication to function properly. In the beginning stages, the needle will tend to stick, and the bobbin may need a bit of oil. If you don’t take care of this, you may find yourself in a jam and unable to finish the project and with a ruined machine.

To get your machine running smoothly again, make sure you Lubricate the machine regularly. This includes the needle, bobbin, and any sprockets. This will help keep your machine running like a well-oiled machine.

Conclusion | Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming

In conclusion, when a bobbin jams, there is something wrong with the machine. That is why keeping the machine clean, lubricated, and working properly is important. The above article mentioned many reasons and solutions to avoid this problem. And I hope, I didn’t miss anything. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

FAQs | Why Does My Sewing Machine Bobbin Keep Jamming

How do I stop my bobbin from jamming?

Proper bobbin winding, correct upper thread, needle thread and lint-free bobbin area and bobbin case can stop the bobbin from jamming.

Why does my bottom bobbin keep getting jammed?

Lack of adequate tension in the upper thread can cause the bobbin to get jammed. And the most likely cause is the presence of a huge tangle of thread in the bobbin under the fabric, especially if the fabric is thick.

Why does my sewing machine keep jamming up?

Sewing machine jamming is caused by many things, like improper thread tension, tangled thread, improper presser foot installation, damaged needle, damaged teeth of feed dog etc.

Why does my bobbin keep getting tangled up?

Improper threading causes tangled bobbin. When you sew, the thread is gathered around the bobbin area, which creates tangled thread around the bobbin.

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