An Ultimate Review : What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine?

What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine
What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine

When you’re just getting started with sewing, you need a machine that’s easy to use, doesn’t take much time to get set up, and is accurate enough to produce consistently high-quality seams. With a sewing machine as old as you are, you might be intimidated by many options. But when you’re ready to advance your sewing skills, you’ll want to invest in a Computerized Sewing Machine.

What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine? This is the latest generation in sewing technology—it is fully computer-controlled.

In this article, I will explain what a computerized sewing machine is? I will write about the basic features, pros, and cons of the Computerized Sewing machines available today. You will also learn what to consider for a Computerized Sewing Machine when buying a new one.

Introduction To A Computerized Sewing Machines

One of the reasons the computerized sewing machine technology evolved was due to the increased speed and efficiency of sewing machine. However, computerized sewing machines are not new. Still, they have recently become more popular because of the availability of these technologies at affordable prices and due to improvements in technology such as motorized feeders, programmable logic controllers, and software controls.

These technological advances are giving rise to new designs of sewing machines that combine the power of a modern computer-controlled sewing machine with the accuracy, reliability, and low cost of manual sewing machines. Some manufacturers are using this technology to replace the traditional sewing machine altogether.

An early computerized sewing machine was like a device that used sensors to detect the position of a needle about a fabric piece being sewn. For many years, sewing machines were used mainly to make items for the home, such as clothing and bedding. However, technological advances have made sewing machine ownership common place, and most households have advanced sewing machines now.

What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine?

Comuterized Sewing Machines are more futuristic versions of the old traditional sewing machines. Computerized Sewing Machines have been on the market for many decades—with some impressive new features and additions. The computer inside controls the motor and how fast the stitches are coming. A computerized sewing machine allows you to do different things and motors for moving the needle bar, tensioning discs, the feed dog, and other sewing machine parts.

The sewing machine can do much more than stitch the stitches; it also controls the bobbin winder and the shuttle. It controls the feed dogs to get the fabric moving through the machine correctly.

These embroidering sewing machines feature a work area that holds the fabric in place under the needle assembly. They also have a series of sensors that tell the computer how all of the components are positioned. The computerized embroidery sewing machine can produce infinite designs and patterns by moving the work area forward and backward or side to side while adjusting the needle assembly to vary the stitching style. Computerized sewing makes complex embroidery designs easy for a novice to complete.

Features of a Computerized Sewing Machine

With the right computerized sewing machine, you can increase productivity and efficiency and make your sewing experience more enjoyable. The basic features of a computerized sewing machine make them more demanding.

Built-In Stitches

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The first thing to look for in a computerized sewing machine is if it has built-in stitches. Some high-end machines come equipped with hundreds of them, making them ideal for creating custom designs that aren’t found anywhere else. They’re useful for people who have trouble seeing small pieces of fabric, especially if it’s dark.

Automatic Needle Positioning

A computerized sewing machine uses a sensor to determine the needle position automatically based on the fabric being used. This eliminates the need for a manual button to set the needle location. Automatic needle positioning allows you consistent sewing performance and eliminates errors such as threading errors. 

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Automatic Tension Control

With an automatic tension control, machines are set up to maintain proper stitch lengths and thicknesses to provide a consistent seam pattern. The tension adjustment feature lets the machine adjust its pressure in increments up to 0.01 inches to accommodate the thickness of the fabric used in a project. The machine automatically increases pressure if the seam doesn’t feel tight until the stitches are even.

Built-In LCD

The LCD makes a machine userfriendly. A Computerized Sewing Machine offers you a built-in LCD for machine control, including setting up stitches.

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 In addition to the ease of use, the LCD allows for a clearer and sharper image when sewing and offers a simple navigation menu that is organized and easy to use.

Pattern Memory

Computerized sewing machines can memorize stitches, patterns, and stitches. To be a successful sewing machine, a machine must be able to recognize stitches and patterns. 

For example, a computerized sewing machine doesn’t have a “pattern memory.” A pattern memory allows the operator to look at what the design looks like before they start stitching.

Adjustable Feed Dog Height

A feed dog is a metal bar that sits on top of the needle bar, preventing the needle from going down into the fabric. The feed dog was attached to the machine’s frame on the old sewing machines. In modern sewing machines, the feed dog is held to the front of the machine by the needle bar. With a small amount of force, you can adjust the height of the feed dog. Computerized sewing machines come with the adjustable height of the feed dog.

Automatic Buttonhole

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A computerized sewing machine has the capability of built-in buttonholes. You can select the style of buttonholes, and the machine helps you sew them perfectly.

Automatic thread cutter

Computerized sewing machines come with the function of automatic thread cutting. When user finished his work, the user presses the button for the automatic thread cutter- and the thread cutter automatically cuts the thread at the correct place.

Computer Connectivity

A computerized sewing machine can connect to a computer. You can draw designs on a screen or download them from the internet. 

Automatic needle threader

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Automatic needle threaders come with most of today’s new sewing machines and are a nice addition to any sewing room. However, there are many different types of automatic needle threaders. Some feature built-in storage for thread, while others automatically feed thread to the needle.

Speed Of Sewing

The speed of a computerized sewing machine is faster than others but don’t worry about controlling high speed because computerized sewing machines have a feature to control the speed of sewing.

Cons | What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine?


The price of computerized machines tends to be slightly higher than other sewing machines. So, If you have enough budget, then you can go ahead.

You Are Paying For Extra Features

Hundreds of built-in stitches are impressive, but if you use a few stitch types and basic sewing techniques, they aren’t really necessary. It is a waste to spend money on a computerized sewing machine if you will only be doing simple sewing.

You Face Complications

A sewing machine with many features is hard to understand and not always worth the money.

They Can Not Go to Long

You don’t want to use a single sewing machine for your whole life. I used to change at least 14 machines at my home. And at my work, I tried so many sewing machines. So it is good to try new machines or purchase them to learn new. So don’t stick yourself for a long time with only an old machine.

Versatility Replacement

Rapid developing technologies put many changes in sewing machines day by day. You may feel like having a new versatile sewing machine and replacing the old one.

Pros | What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine?

Advanced Features:

An automatic and advanced feature like automatic needle position, needle threader, thread cutter, buttonhole, locking stitch, and auto tension saves time and is very convenient.

Versatility In Stitching Options:

Computerized Sewing Machines have many stitching options, sewing numbers, letters, and symbols.

Variety Of Buttonholes:

A huge variety of buttonholes designs, styles, and sizes are available in computerized sewing machines.

Control In Your Hands:

It offers you to hold all the control in your hands because you can also use the machine automatically.

Precise Sewing:

Some of the many features of computerized sewing machines will help improve the quality of your work and give your project better results.

In addition, some sewing machines have additional features to make the sewing process easier and more precise.

Versatility In Sewing:

Computerized sewing machines offer you a huge range of possibilities for different sewing kinds of projects.

You’ll be able to work with various fabrics and multiple layers and perform multiple sewing techniques on the same machine.

Benefits Of A Computerized Sewing Machine

A Computerized sewing machine has many benefits. Some of them are listed below:

  • More versatile
  • Easier to operate than a traditional sewing machine
  • Faster to operate than a traditional sewing machine – it will sew faster.
  • Highly accurate – Little chance of making mistakes
  • Faster than manual machines
  • Able to produce professional quality results
  • Ease with machines controls
  • Ability to produce decorative stitches and appliques
  • Provides high-quality stitching

Do Computerized Sewing Machines Have A Foot Pedal?

Computerized Sewing Machines come with a foot pedal. But there is always an option to use the machine without a foot pedal. You can switch the sewing machine with a foot pedal or without a foot pedal. 

Conclusion | What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine?

Computerized sewing machines are highly customizable. For various industries, sewing machines create custom fabrics, apparel, bags, furniture, etc. Most sewing machines today are computerized and have an integrated display, such as an LCD screen, that displays sewing stitches per minute, needle position, and other details. While many computerized machines are fairly intuitive, the vast majority of the ones on the market today are difficult to master and can be intimidating to operate.

FAQs | What Is A Computerized Sewing Machine

What is a computerized sewing machine?

A computerized sewing machine has a built-in computer that controls the machine. It is used to make patterns and create custom designs.

Why do I need a computerized sewing machine?

If you’re interested in making your clothes, you need a computerized sewing machine. It’s very easy to use and can make patterns and designs that you couldn’t make with a regular sewing machine.

What kind of things can I make with a computerized sewing machine?

A computerized sewing machine can make custom designs. You can make your clothes, pillowcases, curtains, bags, and many other things.

What are some of the disadvantages of using a computerized sewing machine?

One disadvantage of using a computerized sewing machine is that it can cost a lot of money. Another disadvantage is that it is not easy to use.

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