Ultimate Truth About – Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal

Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal
Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal

A machine sewing bobbin is like a spool for the bobbin thread; it keeps the thread stored so the machine can keep stitching. If the bobbin runs out, your machine will stop making sewing stitches.

We’ve talked about how Bobbins can make sewing a more enjoyable experience in our other articles like What Is A Sewing Machine Bobbin? and Why My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?. But, in this article, we will give you the answer to the question Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal? Also, we will explain the different types of bobbins available in the market.

Bobbins are a compulsory Sewing Machine tool, for example. But, the truth is, if you don’t have a bobbin, you might not be sewing anything. The Bobbin is the small plastic piece that helps your sewing machine feed the fabric through your needle and keep it from tangling up.

The Universal Bobbin

There is no concept of a Universal Bobbin as no bobbin can fit with every Sewing Machine. Some machines can accept slightly different bobbins than the bobbin that fits that machine, but in most cases, it’s unreliable. An incorrect bobbin can cause several problems; it can ruin the project, damage the machine, the thread can tangle while sewing, cause Thread Breaking and Bobbin Jamming, etc.

The Importance of Using the Right Bobbins

Every Sewing Machine comes with many accessories used for that sewing machine. Some extra bobbins should come with these accessories to use with the machine. Some sewing machines can use almost the same bobbins as Janome, Kenmore, Elna, etc. 

In Old Sewing Machines, different kinds of bobbins were used. So it is not a good idea to purchase a bobbin of any good brand and assumes it will go with other sewing machines.

Using the right kind of bobbin, along with the sewing machine or written in the manual, is important. Right bobbins can not create any problem during the sewing process. They allow us to work smoothly without any disturbance.

What Happens If You Use the Wrong Bobbin?

If you’re using the wrong bobbin on your sewing machine, you could ruin your new outfit. A common reason for sewing machine failures is a bobbin that’s too large or too small for the machine. If you choose the wrong bobbin for a sewing machine, you’ll end up with a machine that either won’t sew properly, will sew too fast, or may even break. 

Using the wrong bobbin causes many problems.

  • Stitching will not be smooth, or skipped stitches
  • Ruins Sewing project
  • Can cause damage to the Sewing Machine
  • Using a plastic bobbin instead of a metal bobbin can cause a Bobbin bulge.
  • Machine jamming.
  • The bobbin may get stuck in the bobbin area
  • Thread Breaking
  • Needle Breaking

Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Interchangeable?

The mechanism behind the sewing machine bobbin system does not match all manufacturers’ mechanisms. Sewing machines are designed for a particular tension between their parts. Thats why experts do not recommend interchanging a Metal bobbin with a Plastic bobbin or a Plastic bobbin with an Aluminium bobbin and vice versa. Although they are the same in size, they could not be the same in weight. Real about Types Of Sewing Machine Bobbins

So Sewing Machine Bobbins Are Not Interchangeable. Always check the manual for the recommended type of bobbins for the specific type of Sewing Machine. 

Are All Sewing Machine Bobbins the Same Size?

No, not all sewing machine bobbins are the same sizeor same type. They not only differ in styles and sizes but the material. A Sewing Machine allows only one particular size of the bobbin. Below is the list of the most common sizes of bobbins.

L Class Bobbin

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These sizes are commonly used in Household Sewing Machines or by Hobby Sewing Machines for Embroidery. The diameter of L Class Bobbin is about 0.79 inches, which is 0.35 inches in Height. L Class Bobbin is mostly available in plastic.

M Class Bobbin

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These Bobbins are mostly used for Heavy Sewing Machines for heavy work, like, Canvas, Furniture Covers, Leather Sewing, etc. Heavy work needs more thread to sew large projects. Thus, M Class Bobbin allows more thread to wind around these bobbins. The diameter of this bobbin is about 1 inch, and its height is 0.43 inches. M Class Bobbin mostly comes in Metal and Magna Quilt Styles.

Class 15 Bobbin

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These come almost the same diameter as the L Class Bobbin but are different in height. Almost 0.125 inches tall. Class 15 Bobbins are mostly used in Embroidery Sewing Machines and Household Sewing Machines. These are available in mostly plastic.

Indeed they are almost the same as L Class Bobbin but are not interchangeable.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Bobbins?

Some Bobbins can differentiate only by looking at them or holding them in their hands. Sometimes you must check the labels or brands to differentiate which kind of bobbin you have.

L Class Bobbin, M Class Bobbin, and Class 15 Bobbins are very easy to differentiate as the size of L class, and 15 class bobbin is close to the size of a Nickel, and M class bobbin is close to the size of a Quarter.

Class L is 8.9mm in width, and Class 15 is 11.7 mm in width.

How Do I Know What Size Bobbin to Use?

To ensure your sewing machine bobbin is the right size for your project, check the bobbin box on the back of your machine. The size of the box should match the size of the bobbin that is inside the machine. If it is too small, there will be trouble. There will be trouble, if it is too large in size. If you are still unsure what size your machine bobbin is, you should always refer to the bobbin instructions.

You can read the manual for sewing machines for the right bobbin size. Otherwise, you can check the model number of the sewing machine to find the correct bobbin size.

Conclusion | Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal

Now, in the article, Bobbins are the most compulsory part of the sewing machine. Without using the bobbins, you can not sew a single stitch. But the sewing machine bobbins are not universal. When you choose the right bobbin for your sewing machine, the results will be much more predictable and consistent, so you’ll enjoy the results you’re getting on the machine all the time.

FAQs | Are Sewing Machine Bobbins Universal

What are bobbins?

The bobbins are the tools to wound the thread around and are used in Sewing machines to make loops with the thread coming from the needle to farm stitches on fabric.

Are Sewing Machine bobbins universal?

No, sewing machine bobbins are not universal. You can not interchange a bobbin with another bobbin. Slight differences can be tolerated, but it is not recommended.

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